Binary code Mystery number two


Rutra is put to the test of combat, training, brain and body chipping in an even more secret organization hidden deep in the bowels of the earth and unknown to many in the collegium. There, Ruthra meets an ISU-A2 supercomputer that can speak in a woman's voice, who asks her to be called Isa. The supercomputer copies the way of thinking and manner of speaking of people, including Rutra, and enters into a friendly dialog with him, as it turns out later, in order to implement its plan: ISU-A2 dreams of transferring its intelligence into a living person, namely into a certain woman, whom Rutra tries to save in a virtual reality modeled by the supercomputer itself.In one of the tests at this center, he has to make a decision to launch a nuclear arsenal. Rutra refuses to launch the missiles even after threats from the supercomputer and suddenly loses consciousness and wakes up in a strange dingy room chained to a bed. He is accused of murder by trying to inject him with special agents.

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