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Parallel Worlds pro et contra

Book One. Chapter 1. In the beginning there was a thought

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A moment changes eternity. Eternity is made up of moments

– In the beginning, there was a thought. Remember, Rutra, in the beginning there was a thought. Now you don't pay much attention to it, but the time will come and it will be very important, because those who know what was in the beginning always hide it, otherwise it cannot be. Because those who know the original event, and certainly those who have done the first action in the beginning, can put the order of action together so that, by controlling all the subsequent actions, they can bring the event to the result that was originally intended. So remember these words. You can make so many things out of a word! And imagine how much can be done with a thought. Because a word can influence people both positively and negatively, both constructively and destructively. But words are always manifest. We hear and perceive them, so we can examine, understand, assume, draw conclusions from their content. Thought, on the other hand, is always hidden. But there are things that are even more hidden and unknown even to our thoughts. This is what gives birth to thought.

He said this "hidden truth" with a kind of mysterious mysticism, almost in a whisper. Then, glancing at Ruthra, studying his reaction, which he knew Ruthra was not hiding, he continued:

– Therefore, know this: there are truths that not everyone can know, not everyone can be privy to. To control actions, one must control thoughts. To control thoughts, you have to be able to give that which gives birth to thought. If you want to be initiated into this.....

He fell silent halfway through the sentence without completing it.

Ruthra drew meaningful conclusions from what was said and from what was left unspoken. Warpath, as his name was, radiated his thoughts, so Ruthra could feel them before they were transformed into words.

– You will be part of this truth, because only the chosen ones can be in this system. This truth is as old as the world, everyone feels it, but only those who see its action with their own eyes will believe in its reality. Once you are convinced of it, you will understand more than others, you will know what the